Climate Protection Superiority House CPSH

An enduring civilization with respect and space for nature requires that housing, energy production and food production be combined in a space-saving way.

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The building standard Climate Protection Superiority House is based on the goals of the 1000 sqm society:

  • the electricity demand of the planetary renovation,
  • the requirements to be able to create a high standard of living with little effort to make the society UBI compatible, that means that a UBI that is absurdly low for today's conditions is already sufficient for a good standard of living.
00:00 Start
00:12 primary energy indicator PI value Salzburg
00:48 2019 Energy Performance Certificate for GEMINI next Generation
01:28 2020 version: PI value lower than -250 is sufficient
01:44 Revision of calculation
02:24 PENR PENRT PENRE PENRM way too cumbersome
02:37 New assessment building materials needed
02:44 kWh electric as a uniform calculation
02:59 6 kWh electricity to filter and split 1 kg CO2
03:31 Form factor house not used
03:42 Cooling, mobility and exchange factor electricity 6:1 new
04:46 Effort summer / winter balancing electricity
05:15 Germany 100% solar 180 GW power to methane 80 GW CCGT
05:49 Impact 6 kWh/kg CO2 electricity 6:1 swap
08:07 Heating degree days, no cooling, simple appliances, no storage strategy
09:33 Sampled weather data, tolerance band, software for system strategy
10:49 Berlin replication factor for GEMINI next generation
11:57 Replication factor Rome, Vienna, Oslo
12:25 Replication Factor “PlusEnergy House”
13:28 Replication factor elaborate renovation shows nonsense “Bauscham”
15:11 Inadequate targets are just an alibi for losers
15:52 100% renewable energy just staging post for planet renovation
16:58 Suitable for over 90% of settlements with no additional qualifications
17:25 Off-grid properties
18:34 Addition Qualifications
20:52 End

Music: Andy Mangele

  Building standard always further improve

Just as there is a EURO 1, EURO 2, EURO 3, EURO 4, EURO 5 and the EURO 6 standard for car exhaust emissions, the building standard climate protection superiority house will be continuously adapted to the technical possibilities. Salzburg has one of the strictest building laws in the world, but everything happens between +48 building permission and +13 highest housing subsidies.

In the fall of 2019, we were already at -262 in the preliminary energy performance certificate, and we will make much more progress with the first sample project.

  Version 2020

In 2020 the planning of the first houses according to the new building standard is in progress. There is no time to elaborately design new standards. The KSÜH Standard 2020 is therefore simply based on the primary energy indicator of the Salzburg building code.

Primary energy indicator < -250 is enough for a KSÜH for 2020. Salzburg Airport is assumed as the location. At present, in the province of Salzburg, a primary energy indicator of < 48 is already sufficient for a building permit and with < 13 the maximum is reached at more housing subsidies. In the next issue, electricity storage, grid feed-in according to demand, minimum requirement for electric car charging, food production and a negative soil sealing factor will be added.

  additional qualification California

For areas with a high risk of forest fires we will create the California qualification. This describes the ability of a house to protect itself against a devastating forest fire.

  additional qualification flood

For areas with a high risk of flooding, we will create the qualification flood. This describes the ability of a house to float easily during high water.

  Status 2023

As soon as the funds from a planned capital increase are available, GEMINI next Generation AG will contract the development of software with which a house can be qualified according to the building standard KlimaSchutzÜberlegenheitsHaus.

Iron-air battery - will decentral summer/winter balancing become standard? Iron-air battery - will decentral summer/winter balancing become standard?
A new big duel is emerging: hydrogen fuel cells, power to methane and combined cycle power plants against the iron-air battery. Where can the iron-air battery save costs?

Wall heating and/or floor heating Wall heating and/or floor heating
How a combination of measures drastically reduces the electricity demand of a heat pump: The additional wall heating enables lower flow temperature, higher COP.

          Climate Protection Superiority House CPSH: An enduring civilization with respect and space for nature requires that housing, energy production and food production be combined in a space-saving way.

          We are currently in the process of defining the new building standard 'Climate Protection Superiority House' and realizing it for the first time with the 'GEMINI next Generation' house.